Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kee Lih's Birthday

The 8th of December was Mr.Ooi Kee Lih's birthday...hehe he turned 18 the day before today...
So we went to a talipon restourant to celebrate his b-day... And when we reached there..only a few
tables were ocupied...And when we picked out our spot and ordered drinks..i quickly went picking for food..^_^..the others were a bit shy cause it was the first time for most of them...so i quickly dug in meat for them...Mc(min chong) went to dig out sea food stuff...wich i'm alergic to(only invertebrets) ...and we quickly become our own cheffs....Eh...we had a good time...beside the waiting for the food to be cooked..its was ok..i think i ate a pound or 2 of lamb,1.5pound of chicken and beef..yah..and 4-5 servings of ice-cream...and half a watermelon...i think that's about it...hehe...
overall we had a good time ^_^...but that day the girls were our drivers and they are dangerous and crazy drivers...on the way back..when waiting for the traffic light to turn green,min poh step out of their car(evon's car)..and the ppl around us staired at us...like we were the mob or something
...and that day evon drove like a F1 driver..seizing every opportunity to overtake ppl around her..-_-"'...it's really scary when you were following her...and then..we went to kee lih's house...
sing a birthday song and played some cake with kee lih...hehe...his face was full of cake...hehe that was the of the fun...and all us went home and rush chemistry report...except evon...she was the only one among us who finished the work...i slept at 2am..the others 4-6 am....damn they can BIA!

Here are some of the photos...
hehe mr.gan.....

From the left
Mc(min chong),tinde and KeeLih(kelly)

The thing is tilted to one side -_-

Ok now for the top eaters...
coming in 3rd...

^Teik Wei^


After finishing up the meat....me,jared,min poh and mr.gan ate watermelon....
Jared and min poh had a competition to see who could eat the most...and the teik wei joined

See them work....WOW!Teik Wei
busy catching up...there is another piece on the other hand and on the plate.

But still they could not beat min poh the champion...see his hands...blured...he was
eating the melons too quickly...Go minpoh go!
At the end..he was the one who went to the toilet

The end product...

(the cigarette is fake,just to prove he's over 18)

Friday, December 5, 2008


Hm....since this post is about everything,then I'm going to talk about anything that comes to my mind.Well now i think of my future,and not letting people around me down.My family and friends,ever supportive..oh i love them all..and to fail them is my worst nightmare.

I'm sure that all of us made promises to people we know and love and to ourselves. Some promises we may keep,but how about the promises that we had broken.I know for sure that I brake more then what i keep. Especially to the ones i hold dear to my-self. The more i think of it the more i hate making promises.So to make life better,don't simply say things but instead make them come true and stop letting people and yourself down.Make life worth living. Let that be a lesson learned.

Having a crush, it's the best or worst feeling a guy could have.Cause after a crush we either get heart broken or our lives made that much sweeter. I had a few crushes before, and only one bloomed. Turned out to be one of the happiest time of my life,but the day came that she had to let me go and so we ended.Enough about the past,it's how we are living now that matters. And a few months ago i had another crush on a girl,and sadly i failed and i gave up. And now I'm out hunting again. Hope that i can find a girl soon..I'm not desperate but i missed loving and being loved and doing the stuff that couples do(NOT SEX, don't misunderstand).And i get jealous sometimes ,looking at other couples. I gotta admit advantages of being single are not that good. And to the ladies that read this post please leave some comment and give some tips how to make a girl like a guy..hehe

Hmm....what other things i think about???hmm....ya friends.....
hehehe...we can live without money,family and lovers..but as a humans..we ultimately need companionship or in other words..friends..we need them..i know i need them..without them i won't be as who i am now..some are good,some are bad,some stick by your side till the end and some leaves you when things are no going well..some sacrifice for you,some feed on you..but when life and your sences lead you to find the ones that are good make sure you keep them and not betray them.That is how i see it...it may be a dog eat dog world out there..but there are people that are still pure in heart and action. Friends may be easy to make,but to figure if they are worth it or not is a whole new task.So,pick well which friends to stick with and which to stay away.

Why do we live?To study and find a job that keeps us alive?Or do we live to be happy and see things change as we grow older with the people we love?Or are we alive to struggle and to survive in this world?And for me...i think of finding a job at what i love to do..make people around me happy,find a girl to spend the rest of my life with..being a good dad...yeah that is what i would want to live for...that is what i think is joyful..but unfortunately things like that don't come around easily do they?yeah it's a dream...but time will tell if i make it come true or not..For as we have time to plan for the future.Fate is in our hands...

Woot...i'm running out of ideas...
Let's end here for now.

request frome me, leave some comments if it's borring of if it's good
i would really like to know.^_^

The Past And Today

Yesterday i didn't post the pictures...sorry..was busy for the whole

Prepare yourselves...

For some

Unrated images...


-The Holy Man(Teik Wei)-

Tinde(horng shi).....hugging the stairs..He dosen't know how to swim..

-The Fit Man-

From the left
Horng Shi(tinde)>>>>Kee Lih>>>>Jia Wei

The Guys Forming a Star...LOL horng shi...you
could just turn your head right...no need to make
your head up side down......

The Finally...



Pictures thanks to Evon POoh and Lee Jia Wei
Enough of that...still got more...wane see ask from me or Evon and Jia Wei

Hmm...Today was quite boring...em...yesterday was okay...
Yesterday night...Kai Ding,Teik Wei,Winson and me..
went out and ate dinner at ss2...after that we went MacDonalds
and ate Sundaes...hehe...Reached home at about 11.15pm...
Took a bath and went straight to bed...slept well..
And overslept this mornig...
Missed Chemistry...Hehe..

emm....missed class..and then ate breakfast..
after that rejoin TD4..hehe...
Went to Jaya1 for lunch....AGAIN...
Break to 2 groups...1 to wandy's and the other to BBQ Chicken..

After that we took some pictures...Again...zzz

Christmas is Coming ^_^

Sorry it's upside down..
but finally got a picture of
Yong Hao smiling...normally
i can't make to take a picture...

The Girls...AGAIN

The Guys...hehe...COOL AND HANDSOME ^_^

I feel bored already...zzz....hmm...next time i'll think of interesting stuff to say..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bad Day

Today...We started with a lecture about cause and effect in writing for science...
and after the lecture miss.V decided to play a game of act and guess...
and guess what?we won haha...
even when Mr.Gan was only sitting and gave a clue which is one word..
Agumon still managed to guess it.. I think they have some sort of mental conection...hehe..
And then after lunch we had tutorial which we also played a game...of guessing
what's on my mind...

Then the rest of the day was...ok...then turned worse
Let me give you the picture..
TD4 actually decided to play ball after class...
But sadly...the sport complex was not booked by
UTAR and so...they could play...
So we turned to plan B...swim at menara jaya..
SADLY too many of us went to the CONDO..
And it was so obvious and so we were cought...
And fortunately was asked nicely to live the premesis...
And ya..before going to the pool
the em...10 of us took refuge in SY TINGS room..
10 people in a medium sized room really CAUSE SOME SERIOUS HEAT..
Haha...we were so affraid of getting in trouble with the guards...we planned
how to avoid them...I remember vry clearly that i sad we go out like S.W.A.T
crawling and hiding...haha...

Some of us were not satisfied and found plan C
GO TO Kelly's condo to swim ^_^..hehe
It was fun...we play tagged in the water but stoped soon because we were all
drained...running in water is not that easy...plus jia wei screaming in pain
cause he got a cramp...he's sush a wossy sometimes..BLE jia wei X_X

After that we went to ss2...hehe 5 of us met up with Kai Ding and Winson
We ate dinner and chit chat...we talked about mostly girls,and guys stuff...
and some how it connected to mother's giving birth to babies...-_-'"
We wanted to talk more but sadly..we had to hand up a full report and
a essay the next day...

Oh ya...And before goind to menara jaya...I had a consultation with miss Leong
Thanks A LOT miss Leong...Really helped..^_^

it's late...and most of the pictures are not on my phone...I'll post 'em tomorrow ^_^...hehe

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

(continued 2 Dec 08) pictures i took

-Sy Tyng is not soluting she just blocking the sun-
*But it's a nice pose ^_^*

-The 4 girls of my TD..opps the bottom 1 is a dude...SRY MC-

-Gosh Chen Hong's face was blocked..nevermind..Mine Wasn't..hahahaHAHA!! See the diffrence? I was not in 1..sad...-

-See this Leng Zai here(Mr.Kelly Ooi Kee Lih) ???>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-
*Anyone interested i can hook you two up
^_^..i'm a love guru....hehe GURU BERN*

-Leng Lui(VOON LI JIEJIE)..hehe,but actually not...my photographing skill was good ...hehe-

-Haiz my hair....Sad...i know what all of are thinking...it's bad...
But it is still my BADHAIRCUT™(TRADE MARK)-

-This dude here is my class rep-
*Is he Constantine or Quorantine it's up to you
to vote*(lee jia wei)

Ain't She Beautiful....EVON POOH..hehe my photographing RULES!

Tinde.....HAHA...the zo deng
guy of my class...hehe(TAN HONG SHI)

Crayon Chin Chan...hehe..(hee chin chan) isn't he cute...
Hmm..this is my first time blogging...So how do i start?Should I write a bit about my-self?
Em mm...Nah..i think I'm gonna skip about that...
So.. Why i choose to blog...so i can share what are my experiences and
share it with friends and read it someday when I'm older.

Okay let's start... hmm
Today (2 Dec 08) I went to Jaya 1's Old Town to have my lunch with my classmates..
Turned out..almost all my classmates went there (15 out of 23)..pretty crowd...
I think we were the most noisiest group inside...

After we ate....we chat a litle..1hour ^_^
And I told a story to my friends...which freaked out most of the guys..
It freaked me out when i first heard it from my friend too..Deng...that gotta hurt..OUCH!
So after paying the bill...the girls wanted to take some pictures... Today i wanted to be the photographer .. HEHE... i wane try out my NEW hp's camera.. BLE. Look at them and give me a comment arrr..hehe..

zzz..cant post pictures for for...sry...i'll try next time